Workshop with experts in Natural Products by L’Antic Colonial in Yangon, Myanmar
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Workshop with experts in Natural Products by L’Antic Colonial in Yangon, Myanmar

Premium Living Solutions Co Ltd, Porcelanosa Associate Myanmar organized a workshop on natural products with some of the most respected architects and designers of Yangon. The workshop was conducted by Natural Products Expert from L’Antic Colonial of Porcelanosa Grupo – Mr. Jose Javier Calvo Aguilar. The session was attended by well-known architects from various firms such as Spiral Architects, Spine Architects, M. Interior Designs, TYTO and many more. This very first workshop was a tremendous success, gaining utmost interests and capturing the hearts of visitors at the same time.

Mr. Aritz Izura, CEO of Premium Living Solutions Co Ltd, Porcelanosa Associate Myanmar commenced the workshop with a very brief introduction about Porcelanosa Grupo and Mrs. Maria Farre, Sales & Marketing Manager continued with the current situation of the company in Yangon, Myanmar.  The session was later followed by Mr. Jose Javier, the main person of the workshop where he covered numerous topics of the Natural Products by L’Antic Colonial namely Natural Stones, Bathroom Products, Mosaics, Laminate Flooring and LinkFloor.

The workshop gave the architects, interior designers and decorators the ability to immerse themselves in the furthest nature of the materials and learn in detail about the technical characteristics of the products by L’Antic Colonial. Furthermore, visitors were astounded by the huge collection of Mosaics and other sample products displayed at the front of the room and also amazed by the amount of dedication and detail that go into the production of the materials that Porcelanosa Grupo offers.

In order to liven up the workshop, appetizers and drinks were offered to the guests at the end of the session which provided the Premium Living Solutions Team, the opportunity to talk personally with the guests. The team bid their farewells to the guests after the questions and answers session.